Friday, 23 October 2009

Things I have learnt

  • The early bird in the hostel catches the hot showers and the free internet
  • The first question to ask in a new town, after "Where is my bed?", is: "Where is Woolworths?" (Someone volunteered this information to me in Perth; at first I thought they were directing me to the pick'n'mix, but it turns out to be a supermarket over here.)
  • Ear plugs are a Good Thing
  • So is handcream (I know, bizarre)
  • Never, never take a white towel on tour
  • Vanity is also surplus to requirements. And any pretensions one might have had towards hygiene
  • The fastest way to make friends is to share a campsite with no toilets. And a bus after no showers. Odd, though, that this doesn't work in London
  • I can make myself comfortable anywhere. This might not come as a surprise to those of you who've seen me leap into pyjamas at the slightest provocation, but it was news to me and I think it's pretty cool!

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