Sunday, 27 September 2009

My (current) favourite things

  1. Fleece No. 1
  2. Fleece No. 2
  3. Home-brand cold cures
  4. Morrisons' woolly travel pillow
  5. Ikea sleep suit
  6. Hostel libraries
  7. The Original Pancake Kitchen, Adelaide
  8. Palace Eastend Cinema, Adelaide
  9. Mum's walking boots
  10. The fact that an echidna's young is called a puggle.

Last night in Adelaide, then it's 10 days in the outback, sleeping in a swag and cooking on a campfire (itinerary below). More when I hit Alice!


  1. You did it! Happy the Ikea sleep suit made the list..... looking forward to the next installments. Jacqui x

  2. My God! Two thoughts. First, I really hope that this rain thang doesn't follow you round for the entire trip. And second, it makes a life of unemployment (well, not doing any work to speak of)in a mid-life crisis party pad in N16 sem very humdrum. xx Ben