Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I can't believe it - I missed the Melbourne Cup. It all comes of listening to three Sydney ladies who told me that it was run at 3.30pm. And of course it is - in Sydney. In Queensland, however, we're in a different time zone and I missed it! I just can't get my head around the fact that one country has four different clocks. Not to mention some of the states doing daylight savings and others not. It's all too much for my little brain to cope with.

Still, nil desperandum. I did get to see some of the celebrities in their finery (to my horror, one of the ones being interviewed was at school with me). And now I'm on to the next destination - Magnetic Island. I'm fresh off the bus and haven't explored yet, but I'm looking forward to breaking out the snorkelling gear tomorrow and having a look at the Reef. The accommodation is all in these cute cabins amongst the trees, and there are apparently masses of koalas in the wild here. If I hear any shrieks and grunts during the night, they tell me, it's the female koalas getting attention - not British backpackers doing drinking games...

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