Thursday, 12 November 2009

The horror, the horror

Before I get back on the bus tonight, I have to share the last journey, during which I was trapped in a confined place with... "The Da Vinci Code". Films on the Greyhound aren't like on the aeroplane - it's not like you can choose to plug yourself in to listen, the soundtrack is just beamed throughout the bus and you have to watch. Hence I found myself on the Townsville leg watching "Troy", starring a disturbingly pneumatic Brad Pitt, and on the last one watching, horror of horrors, "The Da Vinci Code". And now I've actually seen it, I can - as I have maintained all along - confirm that it is indeed the quintessence of mediocrity. It's big and glossy and expensive, and it's still boring, which is unforgivable. Somebody put a lot of effort in to create something that has no passion, no spark, and the least charismatic leading man since Freddie Prinze Jr. Although I hated "Troy", at least it wasn't bland. Wrong, yes; cliched, true; an affront to anyone who knows and loves the Greek myths, sure - but it wasn't bland.

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