Saturday, 7 November 2009

Her name is Rio

I had a true Duran Duran moment yesterday, when I went sailing on a schooner called Providence. We were crewed around the island, stopping at Radical Bay (one of the most secluded beaches on Magnetic Island) for some snorkelling and a picnic lunch on the sand. The only thing that was less than glamorous was the stinger suit (de rigueur right now because it's jellyfish season)! I'm not sure I'll ever be much of a sailor - had it not been for the travel sickness tablet, I think the rather choppy water could have been my downfall - but there was a certain wonderfulness about lying under the rigging, listening to the waves crash against the side of the boat.

Today has been pretty wonderful too, starting with a brisk bush walk up to the top of the island where the remains of the Second World War fortifications and gun emplacements are gradually mouldering away, being overtaken by eucalyptus and gum trees. On the way I spotted a koala and her baby, cuddling into a tree and majestically ignoring the tourists and their cameras. And then on top of the hill somehow I managed to lose everyone, and was alone with the beautiful landscape, and an eagle flying overhead so close I could see its markings, and the distant sound of the waves on the beach hundreds of feet below. A truly magical moment.

Tomorrow it's on to Townsville, and then down the coast to Eungella National Park - fingers crossed I get to see a platypus in the wild...

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  1. That is just beautiful - I can imagine how wonderful it was to be on your own. Are you going to Byron Bay on your way south? If you do, try to go to Lennox Head (next beach south) which is where James and Susan lived and I visited.